Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"This Workshop is Game Changing"

"One of the best teacher/directors I've ever known."  Kevin Crowley, Actor.

"If you are an actor, writer or comedian in LA, I can't recommend Jeff Michalski highly enough. He makes brilliance look easy."  John Fugelsang, the Sexy Liberals Tour.

"For those of you knock taking any kind of comedy classes, you obviously have not had the privilege of meeting and learning from the very funny and very wise Jeff Michalski. Get over yourself, sign up and learn from one of the best people in the business." Rudy Ruiz, comedian.

"It was the best improv class I have ever taken, hands down. I learned so much in such a short time--if only every class was taught that efficiently." Alicia Cressey, Improviser at Second City Training Center

"I took a 2 day workshop with Jeff in NewYork.  Honestly, by the end of day two I felt as free and creative as when I was just a little tot. Amazing. You won't regret taking any class with him." Dale Davidson, improviser.

"Jeff is in fact, quite spectacular." Carlos Mendoza, comedian.

"I'm still under the influence of the last workshop. It is mind and soul boggling." Amy Levi, Symphony Musician.

"Jeff was my improv instructor back in the late 80's at Second City in the early 90's at UpFront. He is magnificent."  G. Charles Wright, writer/producer.

"I am a workshop addict and have taken many great workshops with some of the greatest names in improv. This workshop was game changing. Just when I thought I had heard every perspective there was on improv, Jeff came in and gave me a set of tools that made my work instantly funnier, better acted and smarter. At the same time it made it easier and for the first time made me feel that the improv I was doing was important."
Dan Abrams, writer/producer.

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